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This is a single blog caption Montage 5.6 June (HD)

Maverick Moore came through big time this month. Big shout out to Jon Danielson, Big O and Ryan Schorman as well.

Featuring David Langston, Aaron Wilson, Luke McKirdy, Sean Villars, Sean Donaldson, Michael Tang, Dominique Goings, Dakota Robertson, Zach Imondi, Chris Luhring, JC Borden, Jeff Haley, Derek Simon, Justin Vinson, Eric Croft, Flint Brewer, George Kavounis, Ricky Gaytan, Kevin Wilkerson, Nick Dearman, Whitney Collins, Michael Cross, Michael Beuhler, Johnny Layton, Ryan Strader, Vinnie Thomas, Kenny Hampton, Clay Kosh Edit by Maverick Moore

  • luke

    wow…im the only one who comented this video o.0
    well i think u guys skate great. wish i had a team and a car so i could film like u guys but im only 14

  • korrosive

    This is awesome skating, as well as a excellent quality and cinematography. I watch this isha all the time I just decided I might as well fucking comment.

  • mike b

    im wondering if you could possibly make this downloadable i go to boarding school and lucky you have one of the few cites i like that not blocked but i can’t see the videos

  • frontsider

    i love the skate! but yer fucked if you think skateboarding = strictly hip hop, skatings for all kinds, especially punks and rock n rollers! !! so fuck off with that exclusive hip hop, cause i fuckin love old school rap, but i wanna hear some rock n roll in the next edit!!

  • Tyler_Barrett

    Whats the second song?

  • Daskater

    DuDe u GUYZ r SSICKK

  • Daskater

    U mean u love to skate, not “i love the skate”